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Process Management

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We save time with our intelligently designed facial, biometric and RFID recognition products and solutions to record Time & Attendance, Job Costing, Working hour analysis and security management.

Biometric Time Attendance

Biometrics Solution for Employees Attendance & Access Control System, Web based Time & Desktop solutions Dubai

User-Friendly Time Attendance Management

NexGen Technologies Time Attendance is designed to be used by most average computer users, with no database and programming skill required.

Access Control Solutions

Biometric Access Control Solutions in Dubai allow or deny access to a person after an interpretation

Flexible Schedule Management

Set as many as work groups and time shifts required by your company by using our intuitive interface. NexGen Technologies can cater to your entire time management requirement

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Sprinter A700

A biometric terminal built in accordance with today’s advance technologies with HR Camera

Sprinter A600

Sprinter A600 uses advanced verification methods to authenticate users and add to your security.

Sprinter FR50

Touchless Smart Face Recognition Terminal High Speed Face Matching

Sprinter FR50P

Multi Biometric, Palm and Face Recognition Terminal High Speed Palm Matching

Sprinter SP04

Small & Slim Attendance Terminal the most advance algorithm the Sprinter SP04 is able to verify anyone, in any condition.

Sprinter SPM500

Sprinter SPM500 was designed for the most unforgiving environments, capable of effectively verifying user’s fingerprints in construction or industrial settings.

Our Solutions

Biometric Solution

Organizations have variety of complex requirements and NexGen’s qualified team is capable of handling such requirements.

Business Accounting

NexGen Technologies is always growing with accountants in mind. With multiple seamless API integrations, including QuickBook, Evolution, and MyPayrollHR, and more

Construction Attendance

Construction workers are constantly on the go, working at different sites with varying work environments, making it difficult to track time and attendance.


NexGen Technologies provides solutions to control your costs as related to employee management and government required controls and reporting

Transportation & Hospitality Solution

The number of workers required changes every day. In this fast-paced environment, it is difficult to schedule employees and remain within your budget.


Regardless of the size of businesses, our comprehensive time and attendance program allows unlimited configuration of shifts, pay policies, and organizational structure.

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