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Even if your industry is different from the ready-made solutions we offer, NexGen offers a variety of time and attendance features that will correlate with your business needs

Regardless of the size of businesses, our comprehensive time and attendance program allows unlimited configuration of shifts, pay policies, and organizational structure. Timecard data can be provided as basic time and attendance, to a more robust system and data that includes extra features such as benefits and miscellaneous entries. We pride ourselves on making it easy for managers to track each employee at any given time through the status board, to catch missing punches from one easy screen, and to assign levels of access on a highly-detailed level. We provide multiple data capture solutions from fingerprint to face recognition readers. NexGen is scalable, and meets the needs of small, medium, large and multi-location companies.

As a manager, you have choices on how to track overtime, how to configure the rounding rules, how to customize numerous attendance reports, and much more. Furthermore, NexGen is integrated with 100+ payroll providers, some seamlessly, so payroll managers can easily export the information from our system and import into payroll. Eliminating manual transfer of information.

”NexGen Earn success based on service to others, not at the expense of others.Thank you for giving us a better service for our Time & Attendance.”

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