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11 Ways Sprinter Helps Your Business Succeed

1. Save Time and Money

On average, businesses using Sprinter lower their payroll costs by 6%, cut the time it takes to run payroll by 3 hours, and increase the billable time on their invoices by 11%.

2. Stay Compliant

Under UAE law, business owners are required to track time for ALL nonexempt employees and keep those records for 2 years. Sprinter keeps them forever.

3. Stop Time Theft

50% of employees admit to adding unworked time to their timesheets — costing UAE businesses billions of Dirham’s a year.

4. Eliminate Buddy Punching

16% of employees admit to clocking in their coworkers when they are running late — costing UAE businesses millions of Dirham’s a year.

5. Proactively Manage Overtime

UAE law says even unauthorized overtime must be paid. The best way to avoid a costly surprise each pay period is to use a time tracking system with overtime alerts.

6. Reduce Errors

68% of employees who use paper time cards regularly get their hours wrong.

7. Use the Crew App

18% of employees rely on a manager to track their time for them.

8. Get the Insight You Need

Labor costs are the largest line item on most profit and loss statements. This is why three-quarters of employees track time against jobs, clients, and locations.

9. Improve Efficiency

38% of UAE businesses still use manual processes like paper time cards and spreadsheets to track employee time. Sprinter is accurate to the second.

10. Use GPS

Employees feel safer and more accountable. They know they will be paid what they’re owed. And privacy isn’t their No. 1 concern. It’s data and battery drain.

11. Everyone Needs Sprinter

84% of employees who track time are hourly. The other 16% are salaried. But all employees should be tracking their time to make every minute count!