Advanced Time & Attendance on Construction Sites

Being able to track time & attendance accurately is one of the key reasons why construction firms turn to next-gen software. They understand that certain key features and enhancements, including the use of biometric data for clocking in and out, or switching jobs, can help:

  • Eliminate time theft and buddy punching.
  • Manage potential payroll issues that occur when you have a mix of salaried and hourly employees working side-by-side.
  • Ensure that employees are who they say they are when they clock in/out, or change job tasks.

An advanced time & attendance software in this type of environment can enhance the way you manage scheduling, create greater clock in/out accuracy, and even make your construction site more secure. Below, we’ll shed light on some of the ways how.

Improve Accuracy, Safety, and Security

Switching to an advanced time & attendance solution that uses biometric technology offers construction firms very noticeable advantages right up front:

  • It can make it easier for employees to clock in and out.
  • It authenticates workers in a more secure way.
  • It can help reduce labor costs, by assisting in eliminating instances of buddy punching, and other types of time theft.

The benefits don’t stop there. Consider the number of workers on a construction site, along with their varied work history, training, and professional experience.

  • Some are on hand to complete certain jobs, or work only with specific equipment.
  • Others are generalists who take on different tasks every day.
  • Some are hourly employees, while others are salaried.
  • And, each of your workers impacts your bottom line.

In short, it can be extremely difficult to manage this type of environment, not to mention keep up with the logistics of scheduling, timelines, and change orders.

In the past, proximity tags and swipe cards might have been ideal for managing the way that construction site personnel clock in and out. Today, it’s easy to pinpoint some of the challenges that come with tags and swipes, however:

  • Cards can be expensive to create, and difficult to keep track of.
  • When employees lose their ID tags or swipe cards, it can create a situation where your company cannot account for their hours until a new tag/card is created.
  • When you have dozens or hundreds of workers on site, cards and tags don’t eliminate buddy punching.

Sprinter T&A next-gen software improves on accuracies related to tracking and capturing time & attendance information.

  • When you do away with buddy punching and badge swapping on construction sites, you can also reduce labor costs, and potentially eliminate fraud leaks in your payroll.
  • You can also gain a better view into which employees are using certain pieces of equipment, and accessing different parts of the worksite at different times. This can enhance safety and security.

Meanwhile, multiple job codes can enhance your ability to keep track of employees as they move from task to task. This type of information can then help ensure that workers follow safety rules and regulations related to their training, professional experience, and even wage & hour laws.

  • Setting up multiple job codes also helps you manage budgets, and measure ROI for specific work.
  • Additionally, with its geofencing feature, Sprinter T&A allows managers to set specific parameters around where an employee can clock in/out from.
  • Finally, email alerts help managers keep an eye on overtime hours, and issues related to employee punches.

Sprinter facial biometrics feature is built into the software. You don’t need to purchase any upgrades to unlock the biometrics feature. And, Sprinter T&A works within the range of devices.

Construction sites teem with workers and activity, sometimes from morning through night. When you’re trying to manage a large site, or your firm has multiple projects going at once, with workers bouncing between them, rely on Sprinter T&A to help ensure greater clock in/out accuracy and a more secure environment.