Employee Temperature Measurement During COVID-19: Non-contact, Biometric Solution

To help screen employees and reduce the spread of COVID-19, many companies have started to implement screening procedures, including temperature checks. Often this involves someone taking the measurements, writing them down, and keeping a log. This is time-consuming and is prone to human error.

Sprinter Time and Attendance offers a self-assist solution: time clocks that measure temperature as the employee is punching in. The Sprinter FR-10 TD, is a non-contact (touchless) temperature assessment device, which also provides face recognition (with and without a mask), palm recognition, and fingerprint reader in one. The benefits of using a non-contact temperature device include: (1) a large number of people can be evaluated individually quickly and easily, and (2) there is no need to clean the device between uses. The record for each employee includes the time stamp, their temperature at the time, and whether the employee was wearing a mask.