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What is Facial Recognition and How it Works

Today facial recognition is a convenient and user-friendly technology of person identification without a password/card. The main algorithm of technology consists of 2 stages – identification and verification.

Employees just look at the camera and the system will recognize the face in less than a second.

Facial recognition is a simple yet effective solution for employee time and attendance tracking based on accurate biometric face recognition software.

The camera on the tablet captures employee clock in and clock out time and automatically delivers data into the time and attendance system. The real-time report shows the availability of each employee at the work site and registers the exact number of hours spent on the job by each employee.

Such systems are in higher demand among business managers who have more than 100 hourly workers that come in different shifts and use flexible job schedules. A facial recognition system can simplify all the paperwork and time control, delivering accurate and valid information on employee hours worked.

Advantage of Using Facial Recognition Technology

Contactless technology not only helps control employee work time but also saves business resources by automating the control process and employee time card management.

It’s possible to use the system on mobile devices which makes time and attendance tracking more affordable for medium and large businesses.

The functionality of the system has undeniable advantages such as

  • cut administrative costs by 5-10%
  • increase employee productivity by 10%
  • supervisors save up to 15% of their time, by automating the attendance control

With the implementation of facial recognition software, the companies can optimize the production cost because:

  • Time and attendance system gets real-time data of all employees’ hours worked.
    optimization of the organization’s expenses is based on valid data received.
  • The service can efficiently solve a range of HR tasks such as achieving better discipline by capturing a time when workers come and go when they are late or absent.

Supervisors can review the current data online and set up alert notifications in case the employee wasn’t registered.

The automatization of Sprinter employee attendance with the help of face recognition software and its integration with payroll systems may improve discipline at the workplace and cut administrative costs by 5-10%.

Key Benefits

  • Full automatization of employee time and attendance tracking using facial recognition software
  • User-friendly tool that can help optimize administrative and labor costs
  • Reliable, easy to use, and fast system
  • Easy to install. No additional hardware required
  • Works autonomously in online /offline modes. No need to keep it connected to the computer.

Face Recognition Features for SPRINTER Employee Management

  • Automatic time cards of hours worked
  • Employee monitoring in real-time
  • Detection of late clockings and missing hours
  • When employees are late – this is the first signal that this employee isn’t working efficiently. Lack of serious attitude and personal issues will result in bad customer service. With real-time reports, managers will be able to identify which departments and which employees could improve their productivity.
  • This method is equally suitable for small offices and large productions sites. Registration of clock in and clock out occurs by facial recognition, contactless cards, or key fobs.
  • The combination of several terminals tied into one system can handle remote locations and departments and is best suitable for large organizations.
  • Data comes in real-time. When there is no connection with the server, the device can store all events and automatically send them to the system upon restored connection.