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Why Industries Must Deploy CCTV Systems to Monitor Site Activities

Are you worried about declining work productivity in your industrial facility? Or, are you concerned about keeping your workers and staff members safe? Video surveillance is probably the best way to ensure all that. Enabled by Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, video surveillance is emerging as an affordable and effective option for any industrial premise.

Despite the concerns regarding individual liberties, the global market for video surveillance is poised to grow from $52.45 billion in 2020 to over $90 billion by 2026. This includes the growing adoption of video surveillance in business premises, driven primarily by the advancement in facial recognition technology. Experts believe that over 65% of burglaries happening in business premises can be eliminated by using CCTVs.

So, is this the right time for you to install a CCTV system in your industrial or business premises? Let us discuss 7 reasons why it is a must:

1. Improves employee productivity

Struggling with low worker productivity? The CCTV technology combined with face recognition can be effective in boosting workplace discipline and productivity. For example, floor managers under surveillance technology have shown better focus on managing their teams along with other functions. At the same time, it is important to judiciously install CCTVs in your office facility as over-surveillance can create an unproductive environment of mistrust among employees.

2. Stops workplace thefts

Workplace thefts, usually committed by employees, costs American businesses around $50 billion each year. One-third of businesses going bankrupt in the US is because of employee thefts. Workplace thefts not only damage company profits and reputation but can also create an environment of suspicion among employees, thus driving down productivity. Technology-enabled CCTV systems are often cheaper to install than to hire a full-time team of security guards. In addition, if theft is still committed, CCTV footage can be used as evidence in detecting the offenders.

3. Keeps your employees safe

Do you know that businesses in the US spend up to $170 billion each year on costs related to occupational hazards, in addition to the loss of workers due to injuries or deaths? The CCTV technology can be used to monitor high-risk facilities that expose workers to harmful chemicals or fire hazards. Apart from saving lives and damage to property, video surveillance cameras placed in the right areas can enable a faster emergency response from on-site security professionals. An added advantage of installing video surveillance in high-risk areas is monitoring them from a “safe place,” instead of physically placing a security guard or expert in the area.

4. Tracks all workplace activity

How much time are your employees or workers spending time away from their dedicated workplace? Are they taking too many coffee breaks? Face detection technology along with CCTV devices can be used to track the movement of employees during working hours. With more employees now working from home, time-tracking and attendance systems enable actual tracking of work hours put in by workers and keeps projects on track. As a business owner or manager, you can use video surveillance in your workplace to ensure that all employees are following your business policies and guidelines.

5. Stops sexual harassment in workplaces

Going by 2019 statistics, 6 in every 10 working women in the US have filed complaints against sexual harassment, while the average business cost due to loss in productivity is around $22,500 for each person. Video surveillance systems in the workplace can deter sexual predators or detect incidents of sexual misconduct. Overall, CCTV technologies can encourage more women to join industries that have traditionally been male-dominated.

6. Reduces machine downtime

Recent industry statistics reveal that around 82% of businesses have experienced unplanned downtime of their installed machines or equipment. On the whole, factories have lost 5% of their overall productivity due to downtime. Downtime can further lead to delays in fulfilling customer orders and loss of production. Through its 24/7 surveillance, CCTVs equipped with video analytics can monitor machinery and other important assets for any malfunctioning or downtime. For example, thermal cameras can detect overheating in any machine and raise a timely alarm to the servicing executives.

7. Enables remote monitoring

As a business leader, you cannot be physically present on your office premises at all times. However, that does not mean that you cannot know what is happening in the office. Thanks to the internet and camera-enabled remote monitoring technology, you can now monitor your office or any commercial property from the comfort of your home or remote location. In the event of any unusual or suspicious activity, the remote monitoring system sends an automated alert to you or any concerned authority.