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5 Benefits of Facial Recognition Attendance Solutions

Biometric technology is becoming increasingly popular for time and attendance tracking. Although fingerprint biometrics is a popular choice, facial recognition time tracking is an alternative biometric solution with certain distinct advantages.

How Facial Recognition Attendance Systems Work

Facial recognition time tracking uses biometric identification verification based on facial characteristics. Facial recognition technology varies. The system may look at specific algorithms of the distances between features, consult 2D images, or use 3D facial recognition to identify specific facial features.

The first step in implementing facial biometrics is to get all employees registered in the facial database for future identification and biometrics authentication. From that point forward, when an employee clocks in or seeks access to a particular area, the employee’s face is scanned and biometric software identifies and authenticates based on facial recognition and the employee’s information.

Advantages of Face Recognition Attendance Solution

  • Automated time tracking system: Automation simplifies time tracking, and there is no need to have personnel to monitor the system 24 hours a day. To err is human, and with automated systems, human error is eliminated. A time and attendance system using facial recognition technology can accurately report attendance, absence, and overtime with an identification process that is fast as well as accurate.
  • Labor cost savings: Facial recognition software can accurately track time and attendance without human error. It keeps track of the exact number of hours an employee is working, which can help save the company money. You will never have to worry about time fraud or “buddy punching” with a facial recognition time tracking system.
  • Tighter security: Facial biometric time tracking allows you to not only track employees but also add visitors to the system so they can be tracked throughout the worksite. Access can be denied to any person not in the system. If an incident should occur, facial recognition software can provide evidence for an investigation with a scanned image of a person or persons who have entered the area.
  • Time-saving and reduced contagion: When contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses spread throughout the workforce, it can increase the incidence of employee absences and significantly reduce productivity. With facial recognition, employees can enter and leave the facility in considerably less time. There is no need to touch the surface of the system to clock in or out. This saves time, as well as minimizing the spread illnesses due to physical contact.
  • Ease of integration: Biometric facial recognition technology can be easily programmed into your time and attendance system.

Get a Fingerprint and Face Recognition Time and Attendance System Today

Sprinter Systems offers facial recognition and fingerprint time clocks. With our biometric time clocks and facial recognition software, your business can benefit from more efficient time tracking while reducing time fraud.

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4 reasons to invest in a cloud-based time and attendance software solution

Many businesses, large and small, have said good-bye to their antiquated employee time tracking system and have discovered the effectiveness of time and attendance software. Apart from simplifying the entire employee time management process, companies have realized many other benefits, including saving valuable time and money.

If you’re considering implementing a new time and attendance solution, the first decision you’ll have to make is whether your organization wants to invest in an in-house solution or in a cloud-based solution. While both options will provide immediate payoffs and help streamline your employee attendance tracking process, choosing a cloud-based solution offers several advantages over in-house solutions.

Cloud-based Attendance Tracking or In-house Solution?

Simply put, a cloud-based solution is delivered by the provider over the Internet or ‘the cloud’ and accessed by the customer through a web browser, versus an in-house solution that is installed locally on a company’s own computers and servers.

Here is the top 4 reasons to invest in a cloud-based time and attendance software solution:

1. Cost Savings

With cloud computing, there’s no costly investment in hardware and software. Everything you need is delivered via the cloud and you pay only for what you need. In-house solutions require a hefty upfront license fee and any upgrades or changes come at a price. With a cloud-based solution, you simply pay a low monthly fee for the solution you need. You also eliminate the expenses associated with running and maintaining your own in-house solution, such as the need to hire additional IT experts to oversee your desktop time tracking system. There are other expenses that organizations often don’t take into consideration with an in-house solution, such as the increased cost of electricity needed to power and cool the servers.

2. Easily Upgradeable

 When you choose a cloud-based time and attendance solution you’ll be able to easily make upgrades as your company grows and your requirements change. So if you need to add more users, no problem. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your in-house system can handle the addition. And when it comes to software updates, they’re automatic so unlike in-house software solutions, you’ll experience little to no downtime.

3. Reliable and Secure

With an in-house attendance system, protecting your company’s valuable data is your responsibility. However, if your time tracking solution is cloud-based, you can rest easy knowing that cloud providers are vigilant with their security and feature a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your company’s data is secure. They also employ safeguards against server crashes so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your employee timesheet data.

4. Unmatched Speed and Accessibility

The first thing you’ll notice with implementing a cloud-based time and attendance system versus an in-house solution is the amount of time required to get up and running. In many cases, your employee time maintenance solution can be operational in one business day. The benefits of cloud computing also mean that you’ll always have access to the right amount of computing power, storage, and bandwidth that you need when you need it. And because your solution is delivered over the Internet, you can access your system from anywhere there’s an internet connection with a mobile device.


What type of employee time and attendance system does your organization use? What criteria did you use to select your current method of employee time management? What experience does your company have with cloud-based software solutions?

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What is Facial Recognition and How it Works

Today facial recognition is a convenient and user-friendly technology of person identification without a password/card. The main algorithm of technology consists of 2 stages – identification and verification.

Employees just look at the camera and the system will recognize the face in less than a second.

Facial recognition is a simple yet effective solution for employee time and attendance tracking based on accurate biometric face recognition software.

The camera on the tablet captures employee clock in and clock out time and automatically delivers data into the time and attendance system. The real-time report shows the availability of each employee at the work site and registers the exact number of hours spent on the job by each employee.

Such systems are in higher demand among business managers who have more than 100 hourly workers that come in different shifts and use flexible job schedules. A facial recognition system can simplify all the paperwork and time control, delivering accurate and valid information on employee hours worked.

Advantage of Using Facial Recognition Technology

Contactless technology not only helps control employee work time but also saves business resources by automating the control process and employee time card management.

It’s possible to use the system on mobile devices which makes time and attendance tracking more affordable for medium and large businesses.

The functionality of the system has undeniable advantages such as

  • cut administrative costs by 5-10%
  • increase employee productivity by 10%
  • supervisors save up to 15% of their time, by automating the attendance control

With the implementation of facial recognition software, the companies can optimize the production cost because:

  • Time and attendance system gets real-time data of all employees’ hours worked.
    optimization of the organization’s expenses is based on valid data received.
  • The service can efficiently solve a range of HR tasks such as achieving better discipline by capturing a time when workers come and go when they are late or absent.

Supervisors can review the current data online and set up alert notifications in case the employee wasn’t registered.

The automatization of Sprinter employee attendance with the help of face recognition software and its integration with payroll systems may improve discipline at the workplace and cut administrative costs by 5-10%.

Key Benefits

  • Full automatization of employee time and attendance tracking using facial recognition software
  • User-friendly tool that can help optimize administrative and labor costs
  • Reliable, easy to use, and fast system
  • Easy to install. No additional hardware required
  • Works autonomously in online /offline modes. No need to keep it connected to the computer.

Face Recognition Features for SPRINTER Employee Management

  • Automatic time cards of hours worked
  • Employee monitoring in real-time
  • Detection of late clockings and missing hours
  • When employees are late – this is the first signal that this employee isn’t working efficiently. Lack of serious attitude and personal issues will result in bad customer service. With real-time reports, managers will be able to identify which departments and which employees could improve their productivity.
  • This method is equally suitable for small offices and large productions sites. Registration of clock in and clock out occurs by facial recognition, contactless cards, or key fobs.
  • The combination of several terminals tied into one system can handle remote locations and departments and is best suitable for large organizations.
  • Data comes in real-time. When there is no connection with the server, the device can store all events and automatically send them to the system upon restored connection.
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Why body temperature screening is necessary in COVID-19 pandemic ?

The COVID-19 pandemic is unarguably one of the greatest challenges which the world is facing in the current scenario. The virus which has killed Hundreds of thousands globally, has unprecedently brought all the global economies to a standstill. The COVID-19 situation has unfortunately played havoc with their water thin bottom lines bringing many of the companies on the verge of serious financial difficulties, even bankruptcy.

In the midst of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, now it’s the need of the hour to bring back organizations back to track so as to get back our economy. When resuming onsite business operations, its mandatory to ensure the safety of employees and visitors following government norms for standard operations of companies and organisations. To make this happen smoothly we need to come up with new solutions and technologies so as to overcome the challenges of security and workforce management.


To limit the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, temperature detection is one of the ways in initial assessment. An elevated temperature identifies a person who may have COVID-19, although an infected person may be contagious without an elevated body temperature or other easily detectable symptoms. Early tracking of body temperature could give you warning signs to take immediate measures to protect yourself and others. This is critical for disease like COVID-19 where you are contagious several days before showing any symptoms at all.

In the market we have wide range of techniques to detect for this external body temperature measurement or you could say initial screening. These techniques include either devices contacting with people or non-contacting devices. COVID-19 has increased the demand of non-contact temperature measuring devices as contacting devices includes clinical thermometers. As we all are aware that the most powerful medium for spread of COVID-19 is close contact with people, and right from the starting social distancing has become our new way of living life. With this new way of social distancing using clinical thermometers will be suicidal as to measure one’s internal body temperature with thermometers requires insertion into mouth, rectum, ear or armpit. Although using PPE kits it could be done but then again this is time taking procedure as we can’t utilise same temperature measuring equipment until it goes through sterilization procedure, and since this is wastage of our precious manpower and essence of social distancing will be lost.

So here comes the need of non-contact devices which includes infrared thermometers.


There is a sudden spike in demand and use of Infrared thermometers as medical devices in this COVID era. Infra-red thermometers measure the temperature through forehead from a distance in few seconds. Thus is avoiding the risk of getting infected. As the number of cases is increasing day by day, places where there is huge gathering like organizations should have these at their entrance point. Keeping in mind the current scenario and the business needs, NexGen Technology has come up with a comprehensive solution by launching Sprinter FR10 TD which uses infrared energy to reflect back to camera and interpreted to generate an image. Thermal imagers are passive and only sense differences in heat, hence unable to measure the inside body temperature. We are using thermography to infer that someone has fever, and if found so, further assessment and precautionary measures could be taken.

NexGen Sprinter FR10 TD has been designed such that it has wide pose angle acceptance measuring temperature ranging 34 C – 45 C with 0.3 accuracy. Device is also maintaining the new norm of social distancing by detecting the temperature from distance of 30-50cm (1-1.64ft). This device gives quicker assessment then a clinical thermometer.


Our NexGen device has dual camera technology with HD camera, having a high resolution for face and palm recognition. Also by using an algorithm developed by NexGen Technologies, it leads to fast face recognition and records the snapshot of the user at the time of verification.

Palm vein recognition technique is another revolutionary method for biometric attendance. As this technique uses a contactless burst of infrared light to map your internal vein structure, so you never have to touch the sensors to be identified, hence, giving palm vein a significant hygiene advantage over fingerprint.

All employers need to provide best techniques to decrease the spread of COVID-19 and lower the impact in your workplace. This includes, Preventing and reducing transmission among employees. Thus with temperature detection at the earliest check point, wearing of mask is also that important to defeat this Pandemic at your workplace. Our NexGen Sprinter FR10 TD with high resolution camera and 5”inch big screen display enables you to identify mask individuals, providing better hygiene with touchless biometric.


This technology module, if detects rise in external body temperature or individuals not wearing masks, the system can deny access and keep the door locked, an alert can be sent out to HR, supervisors or onsite security, or pop up messages can be displayed on screen to provide next steps such as “report to security station” for further screening, which may be a clinical temperature check and to wear masks for unmasked individuals. As all these process are automated and self-contained, there is no need of for human intervention and it can monitor temperature data to whatever extent an enterprise needs it to.

Although this new advanced technology is not measuring the core body temperature and so it does not replaces the clinical temperature measurement devices, but it is providing safest and fastest method at your check points. For the current scenario of COVID this device is the best solution for workforce management that can help back the organization and employees to work with confidence.


COVID-19 has affected round the globe in such a way that it reshaped our world as it continues to unfold. The crisis has both the challenges and opportunities to build back normal.

Technologies are the best solution for this. It offers organizations to leverage the opportunities and come up with advanced solutions which the changing world needs. Manufacturers of security products should always be conscious of these needs as our solutions are going to break the boundaries for welcoming the new normal by providing with trust and confidence to work in the tomorrows changing world.