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School Security Camera & Video Surveillance Systems

Safeguarding the well-being of all students and staff is a primary concern for schools today. A properly installed system of school security cameras is an important tool for ensuring safety on school grounds. Schools facing challenges such as violence or vandalism on campus find school security cameras an indispensable aid to identifying and resolving issues as they arise.

Benefits of School Video Surveillance

Ease of Installation
Most modern security camera systems utilize IP cameras, which can be either wired or wireless over a computer network. Unlike older analog CCTV systems, IP cameras can be installed by the user and re-configured to fit changing needs. They also allow you to broadcast footage over the internet, making it easy for you to monitor your school surveillance cameras at any time.Safety
Not only do school security cameras help you maintain safety around your campus, they also discourage misbehavior. Conspicuously placed school surveillance cameras have been shown to reduce threats of violence and vandalism drastically.Visitor monitoring
One problem many schools continually struggle with is proper access control for visitors. By implementing school security cameras at entrance doors, you can help your administrative staff monitor visitors and make sure they are properly signed in, while still allowing your students to move freely around the campus.School Security Cameras – Risks and Restrictions

Protect the privacy of your students and staff by implementing school surveillance cameras in public areas like cafeterias, administrative offices, gymnasiums, and outdoor areas like playgrounds and sports fields. Public surveillance in the US is still controversial – check with school board guidelines and municipal laws before installing and making students captive targets of surveillance.

While school surveillance cameras are generally beneficial, systems are constantly under risk of vandalism/breaking. Cameras do not guarantee security and cannot be seen as a failsafe. Students and staff should remain diligent of their security and act responsibly during an emergency.

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Why Industries Must Deploy CCTV Systems to Monitor Site Activities

Are you worried about declining work productivity in your industrial facility? Or, are you concerned about keeping your workers and staff members safe? Video surveillance is probably the best way to ensure all that. Enabled by Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV, video surveillance is emerging as an affordable and effective option for any industrial premise.

Despite the concerns regarding individual liberties, the global market for video surveillance is poised to grow from $52.45 billion in 2020 to over $90 billion by 2026. This includes the growing adoption of video surveillance in business premises, driven primarily by the advancement in facial recognition technology. Experts believe that over 65% of burglaries happening in business premises can be eliminated by using CCTVs.

So, is this the right time for you to install a CCTV system in your industrial or business premises? Let us discuss 7 reasons why it is a must:

1. Improves employee productivity

Struggling with low worker productivity? The CCTV technology combined with face recognition can be effective in boosting workplace discipline and productivity. For example, floor managers under surveillance technology have shown better focus on managing their teams along with other functions. At the same time, it is important to judiciously install CCTVs in your office facility as over-surveillance can create an unproductive environment of mistrust among employees.

2. Stops workplace thefts

Workplace thefts, usually committed by employees, costs American businesses around $50 billion each year. One-third of businesses going bankrupt in the US is because of employee thefts. Workplace thefts not only damage company profits and reputation but can also create an environment of suspicion among employees, thus driving down productivity. Technology-enabled CCTV systems are often cheaper to install than to hire a full-time team of security guards. In addition, if theft is still committed, CCTV footage can be used as evidence in detecting the offenders.

3. Keeps your employees safe

Do you know that businesses in the US spend up to $170 billion each year on costs related to occupational hazards, in addition to the loss of workers due to injuries or deaths? The CCTV technology can be used to monitor high-risk facilities that expose workers to harmful chemicals or fire hazards. Apart from saving lives and damage to property, video surveillance cameras placed in the right areas can enable a faster emergency response from on-site security professionals. An added advantage of installing video surveillance in high-risk areas is monitoring them from a “safe place,” instead of physically placing a security guard or expert in the area.

4. Tracks all workplace activity

How much time are your employees or workers spending time away from their dedicated workplace? Are they taking too many coffee breaks? Face detection technology along with CCTV devices can be used to track the movement of employees during working hours. With more employees now working from home, time-tracking and attendance systems enable actual tracking of work hours put in by workers and keeps projects on track. As a business owner or manager, you can use video surveillance in your workplace to ensure that all employees are following your business policies and guidelines.

5. Stops sexual harassment in workplaces

Going by 2019 statistics, 6 in every 10 working women in the US have filed complaints against sexual harassment, while the average business cost due to loss in productivity is around $22,500 for each person. Video surveillance systems in the workplace can deter sexual predators or detect incidents of sexual misconduct. Overall, CCTV technologies can encourage more women to join industries that have traditionally been male-dominated.

6. Reduces machine downtime

Recent industry statistics reveal that around 82% of businesses have experienced unplanned downtime of their installed machines or equipment. On the whole, factories have lost 5% of their overall productivity due to downtime. Downtime can further lead to delays in fulfilling customer orders and loss of production. Through its 24/7 surveillance, CCTVs equipped with video analytics can monitor machinery and other important assets for any malfunctioning or downtime. For example, thermal cameras can detect overheating in any machine and raise a timely alarm to the servicing executives.

7. Enables remote monitoring

As a business leader, you cannot be physically present on your office premises at all times. However, that does not mean that you cannot know what is happening in the office. Thanks to the internet and camera-enabled remote monitoring technology, you can now monitor your office or any commercial property from the comfort of your home or remote location. In the event of any unusual or suspicious activity, the remote monitoring system sends an automated alert to you or any concerned authority.

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Face Recognition Access Control – Touchless Solutions during Covid-19

The dreaded coronavirus outbreak has compelled many people and organizations to seriously consider installing advanced biometrics for security and access control. With a high probability of infection from contaminated surfaces, people are now demanding contactless solutions in their daily lives that can prevent them from unnecessarily touching anything. That’s where biometrics technology like face recognition comes in.

With the world moving towards digitalization in the wake of the pandemic, a lot of people have been observed favouring a face recognition access control system that uses facial features to recognize any person entering the organization or requesting access to an area. They are keen on using touchless technology for workforce management as well. Although this technology may not have been very commonly used before, the Covid-19 pandemic has surely changed this trend as people are reconsidering all their security measures for a better, safer lifestyle.

Facial recognition system systems use 3D scans and in-depth image mapping to ensure a speedy and accurate experience. Now, with the help of iris recognition as well, face recognition biometric attendance systems are able to identify masked individuals too – this means that even the slightest exposure to any kind of virus or infection can be avoided with an evolved technology such as this. There would be no need to remove the masks even for a second to enter any premises, and machines like these also enforce social distancing to a great extent as there wouldn’t be any manual requirement to identify individuals.

These devices operate by getting scans for the iris, pupil, upper and lower eyelids, eye corners, skin textures, fine wrinkles, skin colour, skin pores, etc. to identify the person which makes it difficult for the hacker to hack into the system because they do not have to just guess a mere pattern of numbers. As everyone has unique facial features, it gets difficult for the hacker to hack their way into an area which makes the biometric face recognition access control system a successful and more secure way of authentication.

Sprinter Card-based Access Control
A card access control system is also a great option for those who want a contactless protocol for security and access. A door access card reader system comes into use here where each individual will have a unique card defined to themselves, and they can use this to gain access into the building or enter certain restricted areas, or just mark attendance. RFID, the commonly used technology employs radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to allow the transfer of data to identify people or objects without making physical contact with the reader.

One of the most prominent advantages of this system is that data collection and transfer are automated and mostly error-free. This reduces human intervention to a large extent. Also, the cards or tags under RFID access control systems are capable of both read and write functions that can increase usability even further.

In another development, a biometric door access card reader system will have registered the card holder’s fingerprint directly on the card which makes work even more convenient as each person can have sort of their own portable fingerprint scanner. At the time of entering the workplace, the reader makes sure that the card’s biometric matches the person holding the card. This biometric-registered card is also encoded with RFID technology, and together, these two signatures correspond to the card reader to clear authentication. This card access reader method is quite interesting and getting on to become very popular, as it is much efficient than manual attendance.

How Are Touchless Sprinter Access Control Systems More Convenient?
Face and card based systems remove the tedious work of keeping unique passwords or PINs for different access points. As passwords are easier to hack than biometrics, they need to be changed at regular intervals to keep them more secure. Also, they need to be unique and increasingly complicated which makes it more difficult for a person to remember multiple passwords/PINs for multiple access points. For this, choosing an access control system that is centralized at every facility of the same organization will help you use only one identifier to get authenticated at every access point, doing away with the need to register all over again every time you visit a different branch of your company.

These systems makes admittance more restricted and limited to individuals accessing it, and it also makes the verification process easier.

All in all, biometric technology has progressed significantly and is increasingly making its way into people’s daily lives. Biometric technology is here to stay, develop, and conquer as it makes an individual’s job far easier.

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Advantages of Analog CCTV Systems Over IP

Since the introduction of Sprinter IP systems, more and more people have made the switch from analog to IP. This brings up the question, are there any advantages of using analog over IP? Should we all just move to using an IP system? Although IP systems are touted as being the best, there are still some advantages of using analog CCTV systems over IP.

Difference Between Analog & IP

An analog system consists of analog cameras that are plugged into a DVR. This DVR is responsible for converting the images that the camera captures into a digital format that can be viewed on a monitor. All of the data transmission between these devices is done via coaxial cables.

In an IP system, the IP cameras already record images in a digital format so a DVR is not needed for conversion. Instead, the cameras will be plugged into an NVR that stores the footage. Additionally, all of the data transmission is done through the connected network.

Why Use Analog CCTV Systems Over IP?

In the age of the internet, it’s understandable that most people would move to using IP. However, CCTV systems are not a one-size-fits-all solution. For some people, they would prefer to use analog CCTV systems over IP for reasons such as:

  • Lower cost: While it is true that the cost of IP systems has greatly decreased over the years, they’re still going to be slightly more expensive than analog. If you’re looking for a good-quality system and don’t need a lot of fancy features, then an analog system will get the job done at a fraction of the price.
  • Simple setup: IP systems are easier to install because there’s less cabling required, but analog still wins when it comes simplicity. Unlike IP, analog systems do not have to be connected to a network and configured. In most cases, the setup process will just involve mounting the cameras and plugging them in.
  • Bandwidth-friendly: If bandwidth is a concern, then analog CCTV systems will be your best bet. Analog systems can work without network connection so it won’t eat up any bandwidth. But even if they are connected, they will still take up less bandwidth than IP because the bandwidth will only be used for remote viewing, not data transmission like IP.
  • Familiarity: Analog CCTV systems have been around for ages before IP systems came about. This familiarity means that it’ll be easier to find vendors and skilled professionals that can help you with your system.

Even though IP systems are better for large-scale applications, there’s still a need for analog systems in our world. Everyone has different security needs so what works for one person won’t always work for someone else. If you’re in need of a CCTV system, then please contact us. We have experienced sales consultants that can help you find the right system for your unique needs.

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Why Installing a CCTV Camera at Home is a Good Idea?

Home surveillance through CCTV footage has become the contemporary and the only way today to ensure your home, valuable, pets, and your loved ones are sound and secured. The significance of real-time monitoring and safeguarding measures for home security cannot be stressed enough. With the advent of technology, the range and variety of CCTV cameras and their associated software and features have no bounds. It facilitates homeowners to view their home at any given from any remote location. Installing CCTV cameras is a smart move for the following reasons noted below.

How Real-time Surveillance can augment your home security?

• Mitigate Burglary: CCTV cameras often act as a deterrent to burglars with the fear of getting caught on the CCTV footage. This will make your home premises less susceptible to break-in crimes by ensuring that the cameras can pan the entire premise with CCTV.

Keep an eye on children: Home surveillance allows you to keep a tab on your children’s activities through your monitor or phone while you are at the office or room abided by work. It ensures that you have peace of mind as your kids and pets are safe and well looked after even when you are juggling your workloads and nifty timelines.

• Monitor activities within premises: Tracking day-in-day-out activities within your premises, maintaining a record of entries and exits, or closely monitoring your elite cars and beautiful gardens within your premises can be executed with dexterity by using automated software that organizes digital video footage into a searchable database.

• Crack a case: Gathering evidence for an indefinite crime scene captured in video footage can prove to be strong evidence in solving the case. By using the latest video analysis software the amount of footage is also drastically reduced by motion sensors which only record when motion is detected.

We, at NexGen Technologies LLC, are well aware of the reasons why people need CCTVs to be installed and the technicalities behind it as well. With trained manpower, high-quality equipment, and zeal to be the best enjoy absolute security within your premises and beyond using our CCTV Installation

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SIRA Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

We are the leading SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai providing SIRA certified CCTV installation and access control  through UAE. Being a SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai, should completely comprehend the CCTV installation requirements for various kinds of organizations. This information and our CCTV installation experience cause us to give the solution to our clients. Accordingly, our clients get the SIRA NOC quicker than most others.

Get very good quality CCTV Dubai and DVR installations for organizations and endeavors of all sizes across Dubai, UAE at the best rates, establishments done by specialists as it were. Strengthen the security of your work environment the smart way with NexGen Technologies LLC While we enlighten you with a smart solution of protecting your working environment with our CCTV camera installation Dubai, you would unquestionably strike the triumphant edge by eliminating utilizing a manual security team. We, at NexGen Techologies LLC, offer you with preeminent and extraordinary assistance at a competitive cost for CCTV Dubai.

SIRA Approved Companies Dubai

SIRA Dubai is an administrative body responsible for managing the security industry in Dubai. SIRA means Security Industry Regulatory Agency. Dubai government created SIRA in 2016 to work as an independent agency to secure society and to diminish the crime percentage in the Emirate of Dubai.

We have approved security solutions suppliers in Dubai. We are registered in the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) of Dubai police for security solution services. Our engineers and technicians are SIRA certified and we are following the Dubai police Security solutions Guidelines for all our projects. We guarantee you that we have professional engineers. the talented, trained, and disciplined technician who has experience of mounting security cameras on any type of installations.

We have SIRA’s approval for the following activities:

1. Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance

2. Access Control System Installation and Maintenance

Importance of SIRA certified CCTV installer in Dubai, UAE

Dubai government requires that organizations occupied with specific sorts of business activities should install a surveillance system on their premises. These are mainly banks, money exchanges, jewelry shops, hotels, shopping malls, sports clubs, and SIM card traders. In addition, a few organizations are likewise required to install an intruder alarm system. Installation of a CCTV system is additionally compulsory for all multi-inhabitant structures and villa compounds.

A new business with any of the above activities cannot get its permit without an electronic surveillance system set up. SIRA releases its NOC for a new trade license, only after a SIRA auditor has approved the installed surveillance system. Additionally, for existing businesses, the auditor’s PASS report is required to get SIRA NOC for trade permit restoration.

SIRA came into existence in 2016, during the time it emerged as an independent agency. However, SIRA fundamentally gives confirmation to two concerns: They are security systems sales, services & installations, and security audit & certification. While the same company cannot have both the certifications and could just have it is possible that one.

We are the leading SIRA-approved CCTV company in Dubai, UAE. Be that as it may, we are guaranteed to do just security systems sales, services & installations. SIRA follows explicit rules for CCTV Dubai installations for different sorts of building facilities. The CCTV Dubai certifications of SIRA are carried out through the DPS portal. All the significant details of the installations would likewise be recorded by SIRA according to their standards.

What makes NexGen Technologies LLC different from others as SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai?

NexGen Technologies LLC is the trusted SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai, UAE. We are also listed among the eminent CCTV-based SIRA certified installer in Dubai, UAE. Our CCTV services shift from CCTV systems installations, CCTV camera implementation, and support.

Now let us discuss some basic facts that make us the best. Every business owner is overly concerned about the security of their business. They even invest large amounts of money in security companies to keep business information secure. But maintaining safety & security is a task of many challenges. But our CCTV technical expertise, reliability & fast approach allows us to deliver CCTV security solutions more efficiently when compared to others.

Presently let us talk about some essential realities that make us the best. Each entrepreneur is excessively worried about the security of their business. They even put a lot of cash in security organizations to keep business data secure. In any case, keeping up wellbeing and security is an errand of numerous difficulties. Be that as it may, our CCTV specialized skill, unwavering quality, and quick methodology permits us to convey CCTV security arrangements all the more proficiently when contrasted with others.

Finally, to know more about the best SIRA approved CCTV company in Dubai, UAE & to avail the quality CCTV security services contact us – Tel: +971 4 3868030 Email: info@nexgen.ae