Canteen & Catering Management Software

A Canteen Management software crafted with the most advance technology conveniently manage the canteen facilities of thousands of organization across the globe

Fully integrated Canteen and Catering Solutions for a seamless operation

Years of Catering industry experience and thousands of satisfied customers, our market-leading Canteen and Catering management software are a proven and trusted foundation to large, small and midsize Companies and Brokers across the middle east. It also incorporates various Back-Office modules and to perform various departmental needs.

Our canteen management system is a powerful and all-inclusive canteen management software which simplifies your canteen management operations. It is cost effective and perfectly fit for organizations wherein catering facility is required.

Employee Queue to get their meal Receipt

Biometric machine to get their Meal Receipt

Get Receipt

Submit Receipt and Receive Food

A software with innovation starting from placing an order to delivery including the payment in a canteen.

Organizations provide subsidized food to their employees as a gesture of gratitude. To help digitize the entire process from NexGen Technologies has designed the system to facilitate the such organizations to ensure efficient and cost effective system.

Sprinter Canteen Management System helps eliminate all the paper work, i.e., coupons, manual entries, in turn serving more employees in an organized and time saving manner.

With bio-metric identification there will be no duplicate meals or meal frauds even if multiple canteens are serving the employees.

Sprinter Canteen Management System is a cloud based system and can easily manage multiple locations with a central data base.


  • No meal will go un accounted.
  • Define different meal types.
  • Number of employees availed and the type of meal.
  • Calculation of bills employee and vendor wise.
  • Bio-metric device with integration receipt printer.
  • Define rules as per company policy (receipt validity, entitlement for meal)
  • Interactive dash board
  • Customization reports

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