Mobile Time & Attendance Solution with GPS Location

Employee Time and Attendance through Android / iOS Mobile App with GPS Location. Clock-in/Clock-out Anywhere.

Sprinter Time and Attendance Mobile APP allows employee’s to use phones, tablets and any smart device that supports the Android or iOS operating systems. The Sprinter APP is simple and easy to use. The Sprinter time and attendance APP is integrated with webbase software in real time with GPS and live map.

Sprinter Mobile Application with GPS Location Tracking

Sprinter Time and Attendance Mobile App compliments Sprinter Web Based Software and can be configured to track the location of each user. Sprinter Web Based Software allows your supervisors and administrators to track the location of the employee on their desktop or an internet connected device.

Sprinter Time and Attendance Mobile app offer GPS Location to limit where an employee can use their mobile device. GPS Location are configured in the Sprinter Web Based Software. Under control of the software, when the employee generates a time transaction outside of the fence the system can either deny or mark the transaction as an exception.

Sprinter Time and Attendance Mobile App can be deployed along with traditional time clocks or used as the exclusive clocking method for your time and attendance system.

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