Employee Self Service ESS

Empowered & engaged employees

Empower your employees to access their attendance, leave, payroll and other HR related records and other personal information. It also allows the employees to plan holidays by checking the leave balance, reducing the work load of manager and HR department.

Employee Self Service Portal

Our web based Self Service Portal allows the employee to access their employment related information online from any location. Employee self-service feature aids employees to perform numerous job related functions independently allows them to take control of their personal and financial matters. ESS allows access to company policies regarding leave, loans and advances, training, compensation history and other HR related policies.

Empower Your Employees Via Employee Self-Service Portal

Modify Personal Information

Let your employees’ access as well as update their personal details including address details, banking details, contact information with our employee self-service portal. This saves HR people a great amount of time as well as allows employees to view company documents, leave balances, benefits, training information and their own personal data.

Resolve your queries without bothering HR

Sprinter HRMS makes the job of HR very easy and quick with ESS portal. No need to bother your HR department if you want to check your details. You can view your leave balance, taken leaves, attendance reports, insurance, reimbursements, and many more on the go. You can even view allowed benefits and can raise requests online. And, if you still have any queries regarding leave balance, reimbursement, insurance, etc, then you can take help of HR chatbot to resolve all your doubts.

Let managers send out reviews and feedbacks

Sprinter HRMS enables project managers to check employee details and accordingly send out reviews and feedbacks. They can even approve or reject employee leave requests. No need for managers to ring up the HR department to fetch these details. This saves a great deal of time for both HR department as well as the management.

Keeps employee data secure

If employee does some modifications in his/her profile, then it will go for HR approval. It means update in the employee master list will go live only after an approval of the HR. Sprinter HRMS gives top priority to data security while making HR activities easier and quicker.

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