NexGen offers state-of-the-art mobile application development service in UAE

Regardless the size of the business you have, our experts will make sure that our mobile application development service will cater all your software needs. We have been in business since 17 years, and we are proud company which have already served Government as well as private sector companies during this 17 years tenure.

If you are looking for a mobile application development service in the UAE then you came to the right place. We can develop a tailor made solution for you, and we also have experience in 100+ payroll provider integration.

Recommended Software Solutions

Human Resource Management System

HR Automation – The Future of Human Resource Process Management

Having client from almost every industry type we know the exact requirement for HR Management, and have come with a comprehensive solution to make HR processes easier for our clients.

Sprinter Time & Attendance System

UAE Leading HR & Workforce Management Software

We take care of all your employees activities while you take care of your employees.

Mobile Time & Attendance Solution with GeoFrence

Mobile Time & Attendance Solution with GeoFrence

Employee Time and Attendance through Android / iOS Mobile App with GPS Location.Clock-in/Clock-out Anywhere.

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