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Business Overview:

Emaar is a Dubai based company dedicated to providing the best services within the specialty construction field. The organization’s aim is to provide socially responsible services to the chemical, petrochemical, terminals, pipeline, and power industries. With around 4000 full and part time employees Emaar is truly an emerging giant of the specialty construction industry.


NexGen Technologies aided Emaar in managing their workers by providing a web based employee time and attendance solution. Through our cost effective time and attendance solution Emaar managed to alleviate headaches stemming from their previous time and attendance process. With 90% of their employees working in various remote locations.


Prior to switching to Sprinter time and attendance software Emaar was experiencing the perils of using antiquated methods to tracking employee time. Emaar was having to input employee times manually into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a time consuming task, which would take days to complete. With their growing employee pool they found themselves at a crossroad that many emerging businesses often find themselves, overwhelmed with paperwork to the point where management efficiency suffers.

The Sprinter Solution

Having experienced the perils of manual time processing Emaar turned to Sprinter to simplify their time tracking process. Emaar were in need of a reliable solution to their time and attendance issues, with Sprinter SPM 500 they found the perfect time clock for fingerprint biometric identification of their employees. The Sprinter SPM500 simplified importing features coupled with its 3G based allowed for easy time management of employees.

Immediate Benefits

Ease of use: Easy to Implement

Upon purchasing Sprinter SPM500 biometric time and attendance system Emaar was surprised to find how easy implementation could be. The Sprinter Device’ plug and play capabilities made setting up as easy as 1, 2, and 3. The time clock features built in Wi-Fi making running pesky wires an optional task. This combined with the fact that no software installs are required due to Sprinter cloud based interface allowed for same day implementation of the time clocks

Savings / ROI: Increased efficiency to Operations

The greatest benefit to Emaar’s organization when implementing Sprinter time management and attendance solution has been the amount of time saved on their payroll processing; especially when compared to their previous manual method of processing employee time. Estimated hours saved each payroll processing period amount to hours for managers to focus on more pertinent tasks of growing and bettering operations.

Reliability: Managerial Peace of Mind

By implementing Sprinter SPM500 biometric time attendance management solution throughout their organization Emaar eliminated worries about buddy punching, employee clock-ins for friends, due to the unique fingerprint attributes of every employee. Emaar staff could now rest easy in knowing that every clock verified accurate times for the clock-ins and clock-outs of employees down to the minute, every day

My company has been with NexGen for 8 years. The system is easy to use and is custom built for us when we have a question or need a report developed the process is fast and simple. Payroll reports are easily exported each week. Errors are reduced and time is saved – win win for all!

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