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Business Overview:

Meraas being a involved in so many different businesses and with over 120 locations it was not an easy task to track employee’s time and attendance. The biggest challenge was that employees are being shuffled from one location to another frequently. Having over 4000 employees with different shift schedule and frequent shuffling was very difficult and required an entire department to manage the time and attendance.


Only time and attendance devices was not the solution to the problem, the real challenge was to sync each employees data to the central data base and with all 120 devices to ensure that any employee can punch in/out at any location.



  • Required an automated system to easily manage employee time, attendance and shift scheduling.
  • Accuracy - To ensure accurate collection of hours worked by employees for payroll .
  • Attendance - To manage planned and unplanned absences and holidays.
  • Integration – System that can integrate with their existing system.

Solution Provided

NexGen Technologies with its highly skilled team developed software that allowed Meraas HR staff to track the employee attendance along with the location. Now all the employees’ data is synced in all 120 devices for live data transmission and automated data for payroll processing.


After the automation of time and attendance Meraas are able to ensure accurate hours worked by employees for the payroll processing, and eliminated paper, worksheet and other time consuming tasks.

NexGen Technologies solutions are easy to use and have played a big part in streamlining our onboarding and attendance process.”

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