Mobile Time &
Attendance Solution
With GPS Location

Employee Time and Attendance through Android / iOS Mobile App
with GPS Location. Clock-in/Clock-out Anywhere.

Unlimited Visitors.
One Simple Solution

The leading expert in cloud-based and
compliant visitor management systems

We save time with our intelligently designed facial, biometric and RFID recognition products and solutions to record Time & Attendance, Job Costing, Working hour analysis and security management.

Discover end-to-end solutions that work great on their own and even better together. NexGen Technologies uniquely delivers a modern approach to business applications, helping you unify data and relationships, build intelligence into your decision making, and achieve better results.

NexGen Currently dealing with 3,000+ happy worldwide customers

Sprinter FR10 TD

Visible Light Dynamic Face & Palm Recognition with Mask & Temperature Detector

Sprinter FR50

Touchless Smart Face Recognition Terminal High Speed Face Matching with HR Camera

Sprinter A600

Sprinter A600 uses advanced verification methods to authenticate users and add to your security.

Sprinter A700

A biometric terminal built in accordance with today’s advance technologies with HR Camera

Sprinter SP04

Small & Slim Attendance Terminal the most advance algorithm

Sprinter SPM 500

Sprinter SPM500 was designed for the most unforgiving environments,


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