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An Oracle audit is an intimidating experience. 52% of Oracle users are audited every year. If you are caught off guard, know that you are not alone. NexGen Technologies LLC has been working with Oracle for decades and has helped a wide range of companies get through Oracle audits as quickly and painlessly as possible. Teaming up with a NexGen Technologies LLC audit expert gives you the confidence of knowing the findings are fair and a defined, realistic timeline to resolve issues.

NexGen Technologies LLC Oracle Audit Services: Get Experts in Your Corner

When you hire NexGen Technologies LLC for Oracle audit support, you get a team of fully vetted, proven Oracle experts that will help ensure the process is as painless as possible. NexGen Technologies LLC consultants stay current on all of the latest Oracle compliance policy changes, allowing your personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives. NexGen Technologies LLC experts have deep experience with Oracle 11g and 12c databases, middleware, applications and other components providing you with a well-rounded understanding of the full Oracle ecosystem. As a result, we know the ins and outs of a potential audit and have extensive experience in bringing cases like yours to a rapid resolution. Our managed Oracle team can even implement the path to compliance should you so desire – including migrating to Oracle cloud!

Are Oracle Audits Really a Big Deal? Are You at Risk of an Oracle Audit?

If you are an Oracle user, then the potential of an Oracle audit should be on your radar. It is serious business with serious financial ramifications. The auditing process is thorough and time consuming for companies without proper documentation. Here are some things to consider.

52% of Oracle Users Are Audited Every Other Year

This number includes companies of all revenue levels, employee sizes, license consumption, and compliance. Even longstanding customers are not exempt from Oracle audits, so it is best to be prepared and take action now as to avoid the enormous financial ramifications of a failed audit.

Thorough Documentation Is Expected

As most companies in the midst of an Oracle audit are now aware, this process is intrusive, time consuming and mandates thorough documentation. If you are not fully prepared and do not have the necessary documentation, NexGen Technologies LLC can quickly help remedy this with our seasoned team of Oracle experts.

Key to Oracle Audit: Efficient Paths to True-Up

Out of compliance? It is critical to quickly identify, define and execute the most efficient paths to true-up. NexGen Technologies LLC has decades of experience helping companies like you with complex Oracle licensing challenges. Contact our team and rest easy knowing you are on the path to compliance.

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