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NexGen Technologies LLC Oracle backup services are ideal for companies who have yet to implement or are having issues with their Oracle BCDR. Regardless of version or system/application type, NexGen Technologies LLC Oracle experts will help deploy a reliable, cost-effective backup environment for your Oracle environment. Don’t risk your company’s most critical IT assets going offline for an extended period of time! Choose NexGen Technologies LLC experts. We have worked with Oracle for decades and have implemented Oracle backup environments for companies of all sizes and industry regulations. We make the process easy and transfer knowhow at every step along the path to protection.

NexGen Technologies LLC Oracle Backup: Assess, Guidance, Implementation

When you hire NexGen Technologies LLC for Oracle backup services, you get a team of fully vetted, proven Oracle experts for less than the long-term commitment of a full-time employee. NexGen Technologies LLC consultants stay current on all of the latest Oracle application and compliance policy changes, allowing your personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives.NexGen Technologies LLC experts have deep experience with legacy to cloud Oracle databases, middleware, applications and other components providing you with a well-rounded understanding of the full Oracle ecosystem. As a result, we will quickly and effectively assess your Oracle environment, offer guidance on backup solutions, and implement according to the approved roadmap.

Is Oracle Backup Really Necessary? What Are the Risks of Not Having Oracle Backup?

If you are an Oracle user, then the potential of an Oracle outage, lost Oracle data, or complications due to the latest custom developments/versioning probably keeps you up at night if you don’t have proper protection in place. For regulated industries, this could mean serious compliance ramifications. And depending on which Oracle applications and systems you use, the above could lead to your entire business grinding to a halt while IT scrambles for a fix. Having a backup plan and DR environment in place that includes your Oracle systems is critical to business continuity.

What Is Oracle Backup & Recovery Suite?

Oracle offers its Backup and Recovery Suite for efficient, effective protection of database and system file data. NexGen Technologies LLC can help you configure the following Backup and Recovery Suite options:

  • Recovery Manager (RMAN)
  • Oracle Secure Backup
  • Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module
  • Flashback Technologies
  • Flashback Database
  • Automatic Clustered File System (ACFS) Snapshots
  • ZFS Snapshots for database clones
  • ZFS Snapshots for backup/restore

Interested in Oracle Cloud Backup?

The cloud has created a highly cost-effective, scalable solution for IT departments working with tight budgets that may not have room for infrastructure expenditure that doesn’t map to production environments and revenue generation. Oracle Cloud Database Backup is a simple, secure, scalable and reliable way to protect your Oracle investment. Enjoy on-demand storage capacity that can be added with a simple click of a button. Your backups will also feature end-to-end security thanks to encryption at the source and secure data transfer in the Oracle cloud. Concerned about the actual physical location of your data for privacy/political reasons? Oracle Cloud Backup allows you to designate specific geographic regions for data storage.

Why Choose NexGen Technologies LLC for Oracle Backup Services?

NexGen Technologies LLC experts have worked with Oracle for 25+ years. Our team provides an efficient process, cost-effective solution, and access to the latest in Oracle backup innovation including Oracle Backup and Recovery Suite as well as Oracle Cloud Backup. Want to backup to cloud environments outside the Oracle realm? NexGen Technologies LLC can do that as well. Our team provides experience and unique capabilities with the full offerings of 50+ top cloud services providers, to solve almost any backup and DR need – from high-level strategy to tactical execution and maintenance. NexGen Technologies LLC is also trained on backing up sensitive data for companies conducting business in highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, legal services, and numerous others. We know privacy and security is paramount and how serious the ramifications are with regard to breaches of any kind.

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