Oracle Database Consulting

Oracle Database Consulting Overview

BurkiTech Oracle database consulting includes performance tuning, upgrades, strategy, planning, installation, development and architecture, maintenance, upgrades, integration, migrations, and numerous other engagements. We can assist with both Oracle 11g and 12c, but also offer Microsoft SQL Server consulting, MySQL consulting and IBM DB2 consulting. We also place temporary and permanent DBAs as part of BurkiTech strategic staffing.

Benefits of Oracle Database Consulting

  • Align Oracle with Strategic Business Objectives
  • Avoid Common Oracle DB Pitfalls
  • Tune Oracle DB for Optimal Performance
  • Ensure Proper Oracle DB Compliance
  • Reduce Implementation Time, Time-to-Value
  • Maximize Return on Oracle Investment
  • On-Demand Remote DBAs

Why Choose BurkiTech for Oracle DBs?

Successful Oracle database consulting takes more than just theoretical ideas; it takes practical experience. BurkiTech yields superior results thanks to decades of real-world industry, business, and use-case-specific experience. We align your database with strategic short-term and long-term business goals and then architect for optimal DB performance using tested processes and best practices for business.

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