Cloud Migration Services

What Are Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud migration services can be either a professional or managed IT services engagement and are procured to move data, applications, systems, or entire IT operations from an on-premises data center, colocation, or cloud to a new cloud environment. Cloud migration can replace existing IT resources or be tethered to them via hybrid cloud architecture and may require middleware or cloud integration tools.

NexGen Technologies LLC Cloud Migration Services

NexGen Technologies LLC cloud migration includes a wide variety of services such as strategy, migration plan development, requirements gathering, project management, monitoring, tactical execution, and post-migration assessments. Our experts are well-versed in VMware and Oracle cloud migration, the latest migration tools, and cloud-to-cloud, colo-to-cloud, virtual-to-cloud and physical on-premises-to-cloud migration.

Why Choose NexGen Technologies LLC?

Cloud benefits are numerous and undeniable. However, making the move can be tricky without first-hand experience. NexGen Technologies LLC knows cloud migration. Our proven best practices optimize the entire process mitigating risks like downtime, lost data, and security/privacy issues. We get creative when it comes to more complex migration and integration challenges, leveraging deep industry and software tool expertise.

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