Managed Cloud Services

What Are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed cloud services are IT services performed by a third party on customer assets that are deployed using cloud computing technology. This includes managed cloud servers, storage, data centers, software, backup & DR, security and other functions delivered from hybrid, public or private cloud environments. In many cases the managed cloud provider supplements in-house personnel due to skills gaps.

NexGen Technologies LLC Managed Cloud Services

NexGen Technologies LLC managed cloud services include our 360-degree solution and its components: strategy, planning, requirements, procurement, architecture and engineering, security and compliance, provisioning, systems/data transfer, orchestration and automation, licensing, integration, application and database management, monitoring, upgrades, expansion, updates, patches, clustering, and mentoring.

Why Choose NexGen Technologies LLC?

NexGen Technologies LLC can provide customers cloud based solutions that meet any needs that your business requires. Our proactive approach and managed cloud experts get your project to market efficiently with least amount risk. mitigation. Get the most from the cloud with NexGen Technologies LLC’s experience and best practices.

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