Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

What Is Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Cloud backup and disaster recovery protects data, applications, and even entire IT environments by replicating them to cloud resources. Components include storage, servers, network infrastructure and bandwidth, software enablement tools, and encryption amongst others. Users specify recovery time (RTO) and restore points (RPO) – the faster/more frequent, the more expensive the solution.

NexGen Technologies LLC Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

NexGen Technologies LLC cloud backup and disaster recovery services include short-term, long-term, archive, on-site, off-site, encryption, testing, audit preparation/response amongst numerous others. We are also well-versed in DR planning, architecture, and execution, using the latest in cloud technologies to deliver a superior solution. NexGen Technologies LLC can even provide a turnkey, managed backup and DR solution billed monthly.

Why Choose NexGen Technologies LLC?

We have been helping companies with backup and disaster recovery for two decades. Today, we combine our experience and unique capabilities with the full offerings of 50+ top CSPs, to solve almost any backup and DR need – from high-level strategy to tactical execution and maintenance. Our team is well-versed in Oracle, VMware, and sensitive data in support of regulatory requirements.

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