Cloud Readiness Assessments

What Are Cloud Readiness Assessments

Cloud readiness assessments are professional IT consulting services provided by a third party that yield information as to what systems and data can be moved to the cloud and what cannot. Additionally, cloud readiness assessments can feature monitoring software for in-depth inventory and utilization data from existing assets to better project short and long-term capacity needs.

NexGen Technologies LLC Cloud Readiness Assessments

NexGen Technologies LLC blends technical expertise with business alignment experience for maximum effectiveness. We go beyond routine assessments diving deep into your IT operations for a comprehensive view of your assets. Our detailed assessment report maps your IT landscape, identifies ideal cloud candidates, projects consolidation, and provides detailed next steps.

Why Choose NexGen Technologies LLC?

Our experts are thorough and well-versed in various cloud types solutions including Oracle and Microsoft. We know what will work well in the cloud and provide guidance based on data and real-world experience. NexGen Technologies LLC matches your specific needs, maximizing business agility. We know what needs to be done and how to execute to the plan.

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